Every month we will highlight two businesses of the month. Just a snapshot into what they do  and where they're situated

JJ Walshes Butchers Lixnaw

Natural Learning Montessori, Crotta Cross, Playschool

I  just realised today that I only buy meat from my butchers now. While I might be new to this whole Butchers idea, a lot of you will have been going to your local butchers forever. I am so fortunate to have a great quality butchers in JJ Walshs in Lixnaw which have their own abattoir on site and as a result get astoundingly fresh meat every single time. Buying meat is now a great part of my week, whereas before it was simply fuel!

So here goes to why I think we should all be utilising this great facility right on our doorstep.

  1. They know where each and every single animal comes from. Not just full traceability, but they actually know all the farmers who supply them and know that they are fed natural diets. You know what you are getting (horsemeat burgers, anyone?)

  2. Seeing the butcher grind or cut pieces of meat right in front of you will reassure you that it is completely fresh. ( also not having a counter stuffed full of products, means that you know everything is very fresh)

  3. All their chicken is Irish, never frozen and only comes from the very reputable supplier of Rosie and Jim’s

  4. All their breaded Chicken fillets are Gluten free

  5. Pound for pound they are no more expensive than your big brand supermarket, and believe me, you are buying a far superior quality product and isn’t that what we want for ourselves and our families?

  6. You can be sure that you’ll find a cut or a type of meat that you won’t find in the supermarket, and someone with the knowledge to tell you how to cook it

  7. JJ Walshes offer you the knowledge and expertise to help you with your selection. They will cut to order( you can buy in weight or by the amount that you would like to spend and also how to cook cheaper cuts to make your Euro go further)

  8. When you use your local butcher less money goes out the locality, for every €1 spent in your locality 70c of it stays there!!

So why not give JJ Walshes a call. Open on Sundays from 11.30-12.30 too!

O'Carrolls Lawnmowers & Small Engine Repair  

Another great new business arrived in our locality this month. Well done to Justin O'Carroll for going out on his own to start up the great Lawnmower and Small Engine repair business. They service and repair, all lawnmowers, garden equipment, power tools eg: generators, wackers, consaws, chainsaws etc. They cover the greater North Kerry area with a free pickup and dropoff service. Hard to beat that. Check them out on Facebook for more information or call Justin on 087 068 7504

O'Carrolls Lawnmowers & Small Engine Repairs


Graham Keane Painting and Decorating, North Kerry painter